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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crocuses, tete-a-tetes, grape hyacinth--oh my! Add to that--kwanzan cherry blossoms, snowdrops, and daffodils---spring is here even if Mother Nature wants to still storm about!
It's cold enough to bundle up on our walks--even Porter with his full, double-layered coat, looks cold when we are out and about. It's a spit-spot, rainin' kind of walk most days, although last Friday, the entire time was in the sunshine--I won't say it was warm, but it was SUNNY! The wind and rain are a-blowing this morning, so we will layer up accordingly.

This St. Pat's made for some special memories. It was Baby Love's first one. He wore a shamrock on his butt the entire weekend--they actually make baby sleepers with cute things stamped on the behinds...alrighty-then. He got to hang out and go a-visiting with his daddy and big sister while mommy was out dancing or doing report cards.

Took dancers to the home for retired sisters in West Seattle. Took my dear friend, the piper, too. Full kilt. Big pipes. Huge heart. And warm stories. He had these lovely Irish nuns eating out of his hand and standing next to him requesting jigs. I kid you not.
The highpoint of my day was Sr. Marie (?) from County Tipperary standing next to Scott after our last dance of the afternoon, making her request TO DANCE. And she did! A jig, a lovely spritely jig at 76 years young----she was a former teacher AND dance teacher...and her friends who were there with her told us that she still dances and gets mad when they won't! We have been asked back and it will be my pleasure to return. I looked out at all of those women who have given their lives in service and in love for peace, justice, and the Lord's work-------I felt grateful to have been asked to be there....and I had been grumping earlier in the week about making the trek all the way to West Seattle. Silly, silly me.


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