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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Lord of my heart, give me vision to inspire me,
that working or resting,
I may always think of You.
Lord of my heart, give me light to guide me,
that, at home or abroad,
I may always walk in Your way.--Celtic prayer for safety and protection

St. Patrick's Day approacheth. So much fun. But first we have T.G.I.Q Day at work---a wee celebration for this Texas burrito leprechaun that now lives with us. It was a fair blast to observe the inhabitants of middleschoolland at work in writing class today. We had a short lesson on the three strains or themes of traditional Celtic music in the harp tradition. Then the writers took the three strains and went a-looking for their own music, artists, and nature sounds that embody those three strains--Sorrow, Joy, and Rest. Then they are to create their own, personally meaningful strain and find music, artist, or sound that reflects such. I can't wait to read these and listen to their music choices. On another note, we began a Celtic zoomorphic illumination project in homeroom. The grounding and redirection of spring-no wait!-winter-Nooooo-spring again--nope-Winter! --okay back to spring---now back to winter and there we will stay until the next change---let's just say we are dealing with the restless energy of all that is young, bursting with Life, needing to move and reach and stretch...

Doing a few local shows with some of my little dancers from up north. Then heading down to help out with the big Tara Academy show. Thinking strongly about heading up to Snohomish for the Children Of Lir dance-drama on Sat. night. We shall see what the day and energy will allow.

Still adjusting to being back at work. Balance has a much different meaning now.
We had the ants dealt with. We will deal again in two weeks. And for as long as it takes.

I look forward to going to Great Wolf Lodge someday.


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