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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Solstice in the South-June 21st
...I learned what a "pocket shower" was yesterday. One minute the sky is blue and it is stickier than Scott at age three with what's left of a caramel apple; then the sky turns an unusual shade of blue/green/purple-kind of like a big bruise- and then the ground shakes and the sheet of rain pours out of the sky within a three block radius-ie. "the pocket".

My box of bones came yesterday and all of the books, blankets, and school supplies. Thank you to all who who gave generously. Things are busy around the Learning Center. Yesterday, we went to the library in Clarkesdale with the children to hear a naturalist and see some Mississippi critters. We learned some new words like "carrion" and that grey rat snakes are our friends...unless you want to wake up to the sound of little feet all over your bed in the form of Norwegian rats!

I got to ref my first basketball game yesterday but no one understood my calls for "offsides"---then I learned there are NO offsides in basketball! The girls had a coach from the local college come out to drill them for basketball and I have had helpers from HNA Seattle and Albany everyday to help with soccer! It is going better
but I have to adjust my lessons again and back things up. I did my first TAI-BO workout here at the new Jonestown Fitness and Health Club, known as the F & H. Until last month, it was the local hangout/club called the "G-Spot" so the locals think it is a crack-up as the F & H. They have kid aerobics now and lots of workout machines. I tried the elliptical trainer and the stair climber, too.

Today we have the morning lessons, then swimming. Afterwards, we will have soccer, basketball, cheer/dance, and then tennis.

We celebrated Solstice last night with yellow foods and Harp with lemons!
This is a good life!


  • At 8:28 PM, Blogger Mark said…

    Hi Mizern - thanks for the updates. Went to the Tractor last night to see/hear the Del McCoury Band. The Van Morrison of Bluegrass. What a night - what little of it there is now. Glad that you had a yellow sun repast. Love you. M

  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger Tim & Mary said…

    I just found your blog today. It's so nice to read your adventures. Glad to hear that the rainbows are there with the rain. I'll keep coming back for more. Hugs to you from all of us.


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