Mississippi Moments

Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Why do some people always see
beautiful skies and grass and lovely flowers
and incredible human beings,
while others are hard-pressed
to find any thing or any place that is beautiful?"---Leo Buscaglia

Been busy around here--cleaning, baking, digging compost, sorting, putting out the winter things and putting the other stuff away for now. I love the rituals and rhythms of the seasons. Hopefully the bread will turn out. 2 batches of cookies already did. Reality sets in today. Time for lesson plans, spelling lists, curriculum letters, and ironing of work clothes. Well, okay then. We still have on the Christmas carols. Andy, Andy, he's our man....I have no idea why that silky-voiced, fake-tanned, harisprayed-chanteur imprinted on me..but he did and we lik-ih-uhlott!
Get out and enjoy this beautiful day...although the beautiful grass is pretty muddy!


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