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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm channeling my Inner Emily Dickinson this morning. I sit quietly at the front window, dog on his perch watching as well, observing the families of nuthatches and chickadees busily gathering nesting materials and engaged in cooperative building. Their sweet trills waft through the open window with the morning breezes. My mind wanders happily as the warm fingers of Soleil caress my legs and face. I see where I missed. I mowed twice yesterday--the backyard and my legs. I'll check the backyard later and say to myself for the 2nd time, "Ah, well, good enough-eh?"
There is a pile of work that calls and I've started laundry. Dishes are done. And I cleared off ONE chair already. Do you know how GOOD IT FEELS to engage in ordinary tasks and callings and to know that this, too, is HEAVEN?
I've been reading this book on the Religions of the World, a compelling and fun read because it has graphic photos along the lines of Dorling-Kindserley(sp?). It also has maps and timelines. The writers are prejudiced which I find annoying but I am thankful that my mind is working well enough to recognize and filter bias. I have been off painkillers for two and a half days now. There are still gaping spots in my vocabulary and moments when I just stand and stare upon walking into a room (I only have 6)because I can't remember why I've gone there. I don't think that is from being on meds and healing...I think that is being Erin. :)
I worked part of a day and one other full day on Friday. We were on a field trip for much of the day on Friday to the Center for Wooden Boats. If you have not gone to the CWB for a visit on the south end of Lake Union, DO THIS. It is one of the undiscovered jewels of our city and so close, so accessible. It beckons to adults and those with children. Many of the activities are free or low-cost. One may sign out wooden craft of all kind to spend time out on Lake Union. There is an educators' experience at the end of the month. I hope to have the energy to go. There is also a dugout canoe in process by local First Nations artisans and the public is welcome to add energy, love, and effort to the task. What an opportunity! THe parking is ample and you get to see the SLUT at the same time. We saw the purple and orange ones and unfortunately, they passed without being hit by any SUVs. Maybe next time...
It was a lovely time and once again, Mith R #5 ran interference for me as companion teacher. I did not have the energy so I just wore my yellow safety vest and pretended to be in charge. I did not anticipate how it would totally mess with her sense of order and other training (eek, the woman is a professional coxswain also--I TOTALLY FORGOT:P)when she had to go out in the umiak with 10 first graders who had never paddled anything and their mothers(who hadn't paddled anything either in the last 20 years except one). It was an adventure to watch and when she came off the water muttering--IT WAS CLASSIC. And she hates it when the parents call her "#5"....I do not have advanced portable technology to record things but my brain was sort of working to remember this. The children had a wonderful time building wooden boat models and paddling the umiak and being out on such a beautiful day. And we went back for regular school to finish with PE and I came home for a 5 hour nap before dinner and a walk with my dear boy-dog.
It has been a quiet weekend. I went out to the cabin to set and heal and relax. I ended up going swimming--first time in 8 weeks plus--that something DID NOT HURT. I moved. I laughed. I breathed. I shared with Loved Ones. I remembered. I smelled--you have to know that the cabin and the lake have the scents of my childhood and of happy times, of my grandparents and of family, of sweet, warm nights and barbecue and laughing children and my Fiona swimming until we couldn't tell if she were SHeltie or otter, of Sadie chasing people off the docks and waddling off the dock, tail high, Sheltie smile on for a "job well done" (not sure what the job was but she knew) and seeing Squishy doing his Sheltie version of his "job". He's still not sure and neither am I.
We have Little House in the Prairie going on here at Fair Isle...except the prairie has moved in. Raccoons in the eaves, rats in the basement, mice in the kitchen, and birds in the corner of the gutter building nests. Man, when I asked the Universe for a family in this little home, my prayers were answered! En masse! I did not specify species. On that front, I am waiting. And happy to be doing so. Not even thinking about it much but feeling pain and support for the other families who are in limbo, too. The official website for the adoption agency is much more positive than the emails that are being sent to the waiting families. I did check every other program they have. Russia is the only one available to me through this agency. I am considering my options at this point but not in depth. Just when it comes up in my thoughts, like today. I will bring it to therapy where it belongs and is held in support and care.
Get out there and connect with your Sunshine Child!!!


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