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Friday, May 02, 2008

This has been one heckuva week. Don't have the energy to write what's really going on inside.
I am standing in a pool of Miracles. After a day of Hell. Which I did not create or invite. I was so enraged yesterday by the time I got to school that I just sat in my car in the parking lot. The screaming happened on the way to school under the cover of ACDC and the Stones. When I got quiet, Someone told me to count the miracles. Just count. So, with heaving chest and ratty breaths, I started. 1. Dad's surgery and recovery 2. The HUGE Circle of Love around Me--in ordinary and non-ordinary reality 3. The amazing Circle of care-providers 4. Walking and Breathing (at the same time even) ...when I got to 5, I named it Myself and said "I WANT THIS ONE! I WANT THIS ONE....Thy will be done. And I can't describe what happened at that moment, but it was like I took a Breath and Abba was in the Breath with Me. One. And I got this flash of myself sitting with my back to the Cross and Jesus right there with my hand in His and the Both of us in Abba's Heartspace just by the sternum where it is warm, safe, quiet, perfect. One. One. One. One.

The Miracle. I call it #5.

"The sun brings forth the beginning
The moon holds it in darkness
As above, so below
For there is no greater magic in all the world
than that of all beings joined together in love.----Wiccan blessing


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