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Friday, April 18, 2008

Erin In Wonderland.
That's where we are right now.
So, for updates on what's happening, I will direct you to www.nyccolleen.blogspot.com
Things are moving-more tests, scans, the next surgery, radiation and whatever will be needed in those modalities.
I am in the middle of the Circle of Wagons with a couple of keyplayers to hold my Hand and my Heart. There is a lot of crying and a few laughs. I have a new pillow. Lice-free. Makes me happier.
Cedar and I are taking our walks. He is disoriented in behavior a little. He is still having his time at dogcare with his friends.
I love the prayers and support. I can feel them, hear them, enter them, touch them. Please don't stop.
As I walk farther on this path, I will be accessing the offers of help. It will be down the path. If you don't hear from me, it is notbecause I don't love you. I am Loving myself right now and I know that your love for me knows that.
Point Woman for Information is Colleen. See her blog or call her. She has the scoop and my permission.
Today will be another difficult day of tests, news, and decisions to be made.
May I recommend that you tell yourself that you love You just as you are and that you tell someone that you Love how you feel. It will make your day more special than it already is.
Now where is that Rabbit?............


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