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Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's been an Adventure. The kind I like. These past couple of days. I can't thank you all enough.
Thanks, Sistahs, for listening and your suggestions.
Thanks for the support and hugs via email, Dear Ones. Looking forward to walking and talking. Listening, too.
The wine was good. The tears moved. I was heard. Did NOT feel so alone.That's a terrible feeling but it's not all there is.
Then Saturday came. Dancing was enjoyable. Only 9 students this week. But started out with 5 am coffee and talk with LIttle Feather. She is up for a weekend workshop on Death and Dying from the Buddhist perspective.
The drive up to Monroe went by so fast or I was thinking on other things I didn't even notice when we were already there. Took Squishy with me. We had a nice walk before. He fussed jsut a little during classes but when you cover the carrier with a coat like a parrot, he's quiet.
Then I went up to the new highschool and walked all over. I just love the openness around Monroe. Yes, the prison is right there, but so are the greenhouses for the school's horticulture program. And a beautiful contemplative garden complete with heather, dancing, drooping cedars, and a PUeblo prayer. Oh, and a statue of Our Lady of Guadelupe with a candle. The air was sweet, the grass was mostly moss and no one was bugging us. Not even me on the inside. We just walked and enjoyed. I liked that a lot.
Went down to watch the soccer match a bit between Sultan and Monroe. Sat with Megs and Dixie. That was a nice time. Morba was sitting with her friends near the lines. Then Squishy and I headed up to check out a part of the area that I haven't been to since before Joe and I were married. Up Sultan Basin Road. Checking out the logging roads that beckon to be walked. There were paintballers up there looking like they were ready to have a great time. I used to love taking long drives into the mountains and woods. And I rediscovered that yesterday. Throw in a couple of checking out properties for sale along the road. The dream is back alive. I want to live in a double wide on a small piece of property with an orchard (or I will put one in). Maude's going to help me with this one. North would work. We will just have our second home down in Gray's Harbor. I need and want to be near my Circle . My Village. Do you know how that felt to be HELD, TO BE SAFE, TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED, to be given space to be afraid, to be loved so intently. With humor. And wine. And tots.???? It all rocks. All of it.

Oh--and Lilith! Oh my. Another blog to come. Love the song. I seem to cry when Coli sings these days. Martha-that--> It's a good thing.
Back to my story.
We came off those windy roads sided with trees draped with heavy layers and ropes of mosses and lichens, edged with lakes to be explored and swum in in warmer days to come. And it's all not ten hours away. It's close. Near espresso. Good.
Down to Claddagh Farms. To heather ale and Holy Grail ale aged over burning witches (hee-hee)-with a tart finish of anise. It doesn't get any better than this--but it did. Squishy played his teenaged-feather butt off with Meaghan and Tara. And more play. And more drinking out of the water thingy ( I forget what they are called) and then the cat came his way. Oh, I was hoping. That cat is on her 7th life, I guess, and she has successfully taught a couple of dogs to be respectful. Ah, but it was not to be. She elected to go up in the tree and talk about the annoyance of this dog for awhile before she darted under the house. Maybe next time. Then it was Squishy meet Maplenut and Molly up close. He kept doing the sideways bounding he does with the low gutteral growling behind Meaghan as she gave the horses apple treats. They just stood there with ears sort of back-like-what is this little annoying thing? It was funny. At one point, Cedar started jumping through the rungs of the white fences for a game and running hell bent for leather around everything (wish i could do that). Then he came to a skidding stop right at Molly's foot. And had an opinion about that, too. It was hilarious. And then we went off with gifts(on top of the beautiful day no less)-a beautiful scarf-shawl which I am wearing to school tomorrow and some great movies. Little Feather and I watched EVER AFTER last night. Oh my! Everything a movie should have--cool old dresses, French castles, Friesen or Andalusian or like it horses--and a grey one at that! (Watch Ladyhawke-you will see what i mean about the horses), hair down the back, balls(the dancing kind), and a strong female lead who rescued herself and kept holding on to her dreams even in the worst of times. Thank you, Dixie.:) Can't wait to watch the other ones. Slept in after 5 am coffee. Still in jamas. Time to get the day started. With hope and back to my usual self. Have come to couple of decisions. I am selling the RV. I am seriously considering eye surgery. It's working for Fuzzy. In all the ways I want it to work. I'm going to sign up for the foster care classes to get certification. I'm thinking on my work situation. A lot. And I did not leave the woodburning tool plugged in. I thought I had and drove back to school at 10 pm last night to check. Everything was a-right. The spring musical was just getting out. I don't think anyone saw me. :)


  • At 11:10 PM, Blogger Megs said…

    It was so nice to visit with you this weekend. Truly a treat. I am very excited that you are going to get your foster parent license. We need good people to get into the system that is so bogged down with children that just need to know they are loved and to feel safe. I would be right there with you taking the classes if the whole med school thing wasn't looming in my future.
    All my love

  • At 4:59 AM, Blogger MihErn said…

    Thanks, Sweetie. Enjoy your "Dead Week":) Love, E-


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