Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's been a tough couple of days. But something of an ordinary miracle nature happened today...this afternoon I got a call from Caitlin Gallagher on the phone from Western. Did I remember when I adopted out two rescued Sheltie puppies-Grace and Rainy? Well, I did. (I rescued those two darling sister-doglets and brought them home several years ago. Word went out and they found homes with a couple of teacher-friends who were Sheltie people.) Catilin was in a Creative Writing class today reading and critiquing another student's creative narrative and it was about her family's beloved Sheltie they had adopted from...well...Me!
Caitlin told the writer that she misspelled my name..And the girl wanted to know how Caitlin knew and where she was from..Uh...Ballard:). And then I got that call. Rainy is no longer on this plane but Love and Her Story are...and they came home to me today...just when I needed them most.

Thanks to all for the Lovin' and prayers out there. This is OUR LIFE.


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