Mississippi Moments

Thursday, January 31, 2008

HOme. Squishy is at a sleepover. At least he's not going to get lice. Apparently I still have it which is why I am up with my head wrapped in a towel after rinsing in white vinegar. I hoep I heard the directions right. 20 minutes an dcomb again. Sheesh-this means I have to do all the clean laundry again, the stuff I thought was lice-free...ain't. We were supposedly free of any new cases at school in our room today ...but I'll believe that when it happens.
Tonight was fun. Mark adn COli had the crowd and it was a real MOntessori mosh-pit. Brigie and I did a little dancing. It went over big. The crowd did some dancing, too. Made something up on the spot. The best was sharing an excellent dinner afterwards. Gives you some reall peorspective on stuff...and some dirty jokes to think about on the way home. Like: What did one lice say to the other lice? Looks like you're having a bad hair day. Ah--hha-oh, stop me there.
I stench. But at least I'll ahve a clean sink.


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