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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Universe threw me a couple of juicy whoppers today!
First off, I just finished report cards...and with everything that has gone on this weekend, THAT is a feat unto itself!
I have a lovely FULL glass of cheap zinfandel (one of my favs) in front of a cozy fire to celebrate!:)
Squishy is chewing one of his favorite toys and attempting to "steal" the others out of his toy box and so he is happy, too. When he steals something, he snags at it and runs pell mell down the hall or out of the room with it until he drops it and then comes running back in here with a grin on his face. He really is a cute nut! He is trying to get me to play with him by snicking in under my legs' space here at the desk and looking up. It's almost working but I wanna write first.
It's been a tough weekend. Moon time started Friday night with lice-ville.
Catholic Schools Week kick-off was this morning. I was on the early shift and so I used the time to get in earlier to work on report cards and then some afterwards.
Here's the first cosmic belly-whopper! There I was at Mass praying for Mary J.'s healing, thankful for the Barb and her support, all of the doctors and other support healing staff and I turn around for the "share peace"part and guess who's grinning at me? MARY J.!! It was priceless! I heard Jesus guffaw (sounds the same in Aramaic as English) and Jesus held my hand the rest of Mass just smiling. He is such a Good Shepherd! Mary and I had a nice chat at coffee and doughnuts. I believe we began to make plans for a midwinter mini-break aout at Iron Springs.

Second cosmic belly-whopper- To those of you who don't come from a large family of independent scrum, skip to the next whopper. It dawned on me that because of the lice, I had my mother to myself with a lovely cup of tea(And latex but who's paying attention to that really?) for almost three hours!!!! Not the way she would have wanted to spend her Saturday night, but I came away with this full inside, I-am-loved-feeling oozing out of my ears to drown out the dying cries of any head vermin.

Third belly-whopper-Today, the drive to Carnation was quiet, winter-y raw, open, and swathed in some sun, some grey, and some snow even. The family ceilidh that I called at this old, restored dry goods mercantile named Miller's was standing room, full to capacity, can't fit no more folks in here except hang you from the ceiling! The music was great (my friends from Red Crow-this is their idea), the energy better, the space lovely and we made a tidy sum to send off to MErcy Corps. And I enjoyed the drive home, too. I love the river valleys in winter when the waters are tame and there isn't bad traffic.

Fourth belly-whopper-I really like this newly ingrained habit of not heading to drama land when things/Life happens. Sometimes, I admit, it is easy to go there reactively first. I mean, 45 years of something, is tough to undo---and yet it can be done. It is serving me well.

Fifth belly-whopper-Cedar can jump the fence(if he wants to but he doesn't know it yet-hopefully never) and climb the woodpile to the roof of the garage after rats, birds, squirrels, and (hopefullly never) raccoons. This he learned from airedales.

Sixth belly-whopper-There is a oneness to all of us. A unity to us, of us, for us---that crap, and cancerous economies, and climate change, and all the nightmare stuff cannot touch, taint, or tear. This way of Believing and Being is scientifically viable. I just learned about it again in Cesar's book about being the Pack Leader. If you haven't read this, do. It's not really and just about dogs. It's about people. And being calm-assertive and positive. With your Self, your family, and your dog.

Time for bed. There were enough blankets and clean sheets after all the laundry bag-up ( I will enjoy some quiet time at the laundromat this week) to make a cozy family bed. See what I mean? Cosmic belly whoppers!:)


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