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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good thing I'm in therapy...:)
I've been reading a little of last year's blogging at this time. Lots of thoughts.E-gads.
Now I just go on walks...and think.
Or I empty boxes in the basement or garage...and think.
Or drive long ways..and think.
And teach dance...and think.
Or get out the pruners, prune...and think.
Or get in the tub with book, forget about book...and think.
Or sort recyclables and do laundry...and think.
The thoughts are still grounded in Gratitude and Hope...and there is a lot more Joy.
Some worry, but oh, well.
'Tis been a lovely weekend. No snow in Ballard, but lovely just the same.
Little Man with an attitude has been a good boy all weekend long. He is playing soccer with himself as I write. We've had several long walks, predawn and in the sunshine.
Today was so peaceful
Naps this weekend--good.
Time with Family. Yes. Good.
Work-school and home. Yes. Good.
Some reading. Good.
Dancing up in Monroe-good. The six adults were the most fun. I haven't taught adults in awhile. I made them sweat--with me ---of course. I had fun and they learned a lot. Apparently the owner of the dance studio told all the dancers to bring tap shoes for Irish dancing. There was some confusion when I told them they would never be using those shoes for Irish dancing. I just enjoyed the quiet drive up. The good, short work, and the quiet drive home. Made my first trip to 3rd place Books to sell back some of my no longer used books. Only three made the grade but that place is a fun place! I have no clue what to do with the other books I no longer need and use. There is a large box to steward. I'll find out this week.
I'm in contact with a neurosurgeon. More news as it unfolds.
Julie is back to her hilarious self, complete with headshots.
Oh this family!
Off to get stuff ready for the week. Long walks are good for clearing the head and heart. Even in the dark and rain.
So is Christmas music--all year round.
And cups of hot cocoa in front of a cozy fire.


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    Try Epilogue on Market for your books. And you can donate to the library, too.


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