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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh these dark, rainy, cold, long winter nights...and daytimes...and mornings...and afternoons....
Makes for some good cups of hot cocoa, careful driving, and long winter naps, eh?
I don't know about you but it is hard to get up, layered up, and out to walk, out to work, out to anything...
The Dreams are coming deep and fast. I am reading this book that Mom gave me (Eat, Pray, Love). It is resonating--oh my.
Last night I read this section where she (the author) is struggling with letting go of her guilt, not-enoughness, energy connections to her ex and other things in her life that weigh down and strap her Heart. Ooh-wee. I did the same visualization right before sleep and the dreams that came--wham! I ended up staying in bed until like right now and I have to at work in 30 minutes...AND, winter time is a deep, magic, soul lifting time. Talk to yourself. Better still, listen.
I am very aware that my prayers and intentions are being answered WHAM! faster than I can almost articulate them.
The Universe is opening up ways that I can have my monthly massages which help keep meina state of gratitude, balance, and off of drugs. THis fall I got real clear and came out of denial about the way I transferred my addictive behavior to my credit card. When I faced it, kept at it, was gentle when I fell down a few times and then right back at debt elimination. It is working...just like the other addictive behaviors-Attention, Intention, Trust.
Therapy with the right therapist is also the bomb. Keeps the balance going and keeps the migraines away.
I got another job. I'll be teaching dance on every other Saturday in Monroe at Sky Valley Dance. ALready have 6 students in each class. Here's to more debt reduction and paying off family members with more consistency.
We are also having another family ceilidh to raise funds for Mercy Corps on January 27th, Sunday afternoon in Carnation at the Miller COmmunity Center from 3-5pm. Live music. It will be fun, esp. if the river behaves. Come, dance, sweat, laugh, move those winter blahs for a great cause!
I am enjoying reading about Italy and hearing stories from those who have been there. I am holding the desire to go with love and then looking at pictures of Viet Nam instead. i envision a trip to Italy with and when my child is 16 or thereabouts. Or if I get my bills paid off earlier-then Fresh Pasta and everything, HERE WE COME.
School is in a lovely rhythm right now. I am working hard. (It alwasy cracks me up when this statement emerges because it's like saying "Hi, I'm Erin and I'm a workaholic)...but I'm not. Schedules, purpose, meaningful work make a huge difference in the quality of my life.So are the children. We are also doing the Robert Fulghum thing--read a little, paint a little, sing a little, write a little, play a little, share a little, snack a little, rest a little, dance a little, pray a LOT, handwork a little, move A LOT, learn a little, grow A LOT...they are taller. I am not, except on the inside.
So, Mary J. and I had another nourishing prayer time and sharing. We kicked off the New Year with some work around how winter is a time of waiting, a deepening time, a listening time. Scripture brought us to the story of the Healing of the Paralytic Man. In it, the man's friends, his community had such faith...with him and for him...that they together met God more than halfway to realize the intention, the prayer. Jesus also asked those around him, esp. those who were critical, "What thoughts are those that you are allowing to grow in your Heart?" (Even though He already knew.:) And the next question for us in our guide was," What then does your spirit long for? This winter?'
*****So......What does your spirit long for? And are you ready to listen?


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