Mississippi Moments

Sunday, January 06, 2008

You know that song, "These are a few of my Favorite Things"...I have been awake less than ten minutes and here goes:
I love waking up to Christmas lights and my dog (when there isn't a mate in the picture that's a pretty good thing to wake up to)
The way the water is pearling in individual opaled ovals on the skeletal frame of the dissectum in the back but you can still see the heart stone and the Sheltie statue underneath.
That you can play a game of Sheltie ball with two flat balls in the space of time it takes for me to wake up and the water for coffee is hot and the dog is happier than when we came out and I have already cleaned up after him and I don't even remember it.
I love the texture of this new hat from my folks. Makes winter fun--more FUN!
off for a walk up onto the ridge oir somewhere so I can really wake up and get grateful.
Lovely last day of vacation.
Back from our loonnngg walk. The Olympics are sleeping in today under a bank of northern moving clouds.
It's cold out there, folks.
I love looking at the decorations people still have up...you can tell a lot of them have been in the families for a really long time. There is a piano shop up on Greenwood Ave. that has a collection of Santas from across the decades. Many of them are moving. My favorite is the one in the tub blowing bubbles!
I also enjoy looking at all the garden art that is often hidden in warmer times.
I'm going to share some photos of Cedar and his buddies at Camp Alice the last few times. He goes tomorrow. He doesn't even know what tomorrow is but I do...and he will have fun!
And last night's Book Group Gathering was a blast...pizza and movie night. Did you know that some smart person out there created a game called "Bookopoly"? Time for more game nights this winter--Friday nights are good for me. :)


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