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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Peculiar day it has been.
Something in the air, something in the energy. Everything feels off-kilter, not grounded, kind of hyper and with the energy of kids and dogs running around at breakneck just before they crash sound asleep.
I learned a new word today-"legacy software". When I asked the new tech whiz what that meant, he looked at me kinda funny and he said," You know, old software like OS 10 and (he mentioned something that I was familiar with and don't remember)."
I said something about that's too bad..I just got comfortable with the other stuff. He gave me this look and another teacher boomed out,"C'mon Raney! It's like, you know, indoor plumbing. Don't you use INDOOR PLUMBING?!?" ANd bless my little, big, kick-ass, I am never tired of being pulled aside by other teachers and it happened twice today already about how down-to-earth- and how she holds kids and parents to expectations-where-did-she ever-learn-to be-so-good at-that-sister (I could've said "Me' but I didn't". I said Barb, our Mother.:) Anyhoo, said Sister pops in immediately to Boomer-Teacher-No, She prefers to use a bucket...outdoors...and I added "when there aren't any trees around". And said Sister followed with "And it's Christmas music time ALL YEAR ROUND" with big grin and full frontal eye contact and love in that lookDidn't even give that other teacher (or Mr. modern Tech Boy) a chance to get a word in edgewise! Gotta love that Sister Sync!!!!!!! When I bitch as a 4 about how no one understands me or how I don't fit in, please just redirect my attention to this blog entry because that instance was the best of the best example of how neither is TRUE! I wish I would've added--and yeah, I split my own wood, dry my clothes on drying racks, only take baths when necessary and reuse the water in the garden, make my own bread, soup, and kick-ass apple pie...And I still love disco and the Bay City Rollers!" Some things just don't get better than this!
We had a prospective dancer come observe a class. It is amazing how Sara and I pick up on stuff. This one is dear to "Auntie T" and oh does she need to dance with us. We hope she will come and try a class. Besides, we REALLY liked the energy of her mom. Thanks, Auntie "T" for the referral. We'll see what happens.
The kid-crowd was amped up today. Other specialists were wondering if I had given them coffee for snack or Red Bull.
Nope. The whining and fussing today was beyond the Pale. Half of the class did not complete or bother to do HW. So, the Brickwall AWard goes to.....Ms. R.!!!! Oh yeah, oh yeah, o yeah. Thank you very much.
Substituted Irish dancing-advance and retire for rhythmic exercises in math. Measured and cut fabric for sewing bags to hold all their quilting supplies. WOrked on fairy tale book reports. Editing snow stories for spelling was a nightmare. I hate that blank stare with the defiant chin. I know 'cause I was one of the inventors. I should be getting royalties. I used a phrase that probably shouldn't have seen the light of this day (Knock it off!) about ten times. Still, I managed to get on with spelling and Spalding and math and editing and such even though M- took close to an hour to find a notebook that he needed the first 5 minutes of the day...and knows it and then wanted to argue with me about the amount of time it would take of his lunch recess to make up the work. I am not feeling benevolent these days. We did not argue. He was made to understand that it would take the entire recess and that he owed me "Hassle Time". This is the same kid who when were finding internet photos of the Old temple in Jerusalem found the one I wanted in two seconds and then proceeded to download some 15th century renditions of the Roman destruction of said Temple with people being thrown off the walls and impaled. I ran some interference with his mom before the day was out just in case she got the wrong idea of what the actual achievable target was. M--- is the kind of kid who would want to know if the Romans used orcs to vanquish people. He's my Legolas is Barbie in tights man.
I had another mom run out of carline to give me a hug today for "taking care of her child at school the way she would". I told her I was just doing my job.
And Coli had the EXACT SAME IDEA I've had a hundred times. WHen I am bored in carline watching the Lexuses, and the Beemers, and the LandRovers, and Volvos, and the whatever expensive cars go by, I stick the Volare or the primer in carline in my imagination and think about what the Pleasant Valley crowd there would think of that!!!


  • At 8:43 PM, Blogger The Freewaydiva said…

    Heh. Auntie T got a phone call on the way home - Mom feels much the same about you, so that's my work done there.

    And Rubalicious will be back to observe next week, probably, and earlier to see the beginners. Mom observed that while said Rubalicious was watching, her feet were twitching with the music (as I expected). And I told her we could practice together because I want to get back into it and will need to start at the very, VERY beginning. And I also told her that it will TOTALLY help her with soccer (please to support this notion, with supplementary Sistah support as necessary).

    And I didn't break my brain today. All in all, I'd call Wednesday a success. :)

  • At 7:39 AM, Blogger MihErn said…

    ooh, ooh that is GOOD news. I am so happy things are unfolding with ease and healing for you, too. Love, E-


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