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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back on track...whew. Enjoy that full moon out there. We've already had a fun game of fetch in the moonlight.
I really do think too much. And dream weird stuff. And think too much about that, too. Alright-y then.
More walks. More wood splitting (I broke my ax. Time for a trip to Hardwick's). More water. More good greens. Less bread. Less pasta. Less potatoes. Less ramen. Mood killers-all. More Walking with Leslie Wierdo on the DVD but what a difference it makes. ANd more lists of what I really did this weekend:
Prayer and share on Friday night with Mary J. What a wonderful way to end the week and begin another one.
Walks with Squishy.
Book Group gathering on Sat. night.
Tea and sharing time with Jenny and her girls. What a pleasure that was.
Dinner and a Katharine HEpburn movie with MP.
Little Feather came up for lunch and a chat yesterday.
Talkin' on the phone with Jonestown and Miz Sr. Teresa.
Talks with Val and plans for gathering.
THinking about picking up the harp again soon.
THis warm, cozy home.
Getting a chunk done on report cards.
Back on track...that's where it's at. There are no more "I hate winters". There are no "I hates". Life's too short for that...really is.


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