Mississippi Moments

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a week.
I'm ready to go back to bed after all the morning chores, but will corect math tests instead..maybe not.
We are going to go play with Jenny and Emily today at the beach. It looks like a fine winter day. Gray, cold, a little damp.
Had many more fine thoughts to share earlier this morning but the nap vibe is way too high in this room.
Cozy weekend wishes to all of you.
As tough as winter is sometimes, the little miracles of connection, healing, joy, ang nurturing are everywhere. Even in our Breath.

Himself is back to being hand fed by moi. And hooked to me almost always when he is not enjoying quiet time with himslef in his lovely crate which will be the gift that keeps on giving even next Christmas, too. He decided he didn't like being fed by hand and went two days without opening his mouth. Amazing how running your puppy bumpkin off at dogcare can stimulate a "ready to behave, Mom, and boy, amd I hungry" attitude. What a good boy. Helped out with the drain unclogging this morning, changing beds, doing laundry, dishes, and sweeping, too. Sacked out and getting ready for a long, relaxing walk.


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