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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corrie ten Boom was thankful for them at the Nazi death camp. When she and her sister, Betsey, were trying to come up with a list of things for which to thank the Lord when they were imprisoned, Betsey said she just couldn't think of anything to thank the Lord for about this. Corrie did. She said it kept the prison guards and the kapos out of the barracks so they could have a little bit of time in the night to read from the smuggled section of the Bible Corrie had hanging around her neck-which would have meant solitary confinement, torture, and then death if she/they had been caught...so I'm speaking of lice.
And I have it. The gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, ankle-biters. Our learning home is infested. And so are the learners ALL. SO the battle has begun. The house looks bare. I will vacuum after I delouse my head and anything else that needs it.
Have wine and many empty bins for the laundry so to the laudromat next I will go.
I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a real mom (instead of a fake one or a practice one). It is a huge pain in the ass (really the neck and head) and an embarrassment to be calling my friends to let them know to have a "heads up". Most are not amused. The ones who work in hospitals have been "ah, whatever".
Squishy got to play at Claddagh farms today. He had a blast and Tara taught him to drink like a farmdog from the spigot. I am such a dork. I didn't even think to let him have at it that way. You should have seen Thuja Dude react to the Belgians for the first time. It took awhile for him to notice that the ground was shaking as they came to eat. He was busy chasing Tara and leaping through the lower rung of the fence. IT was pretty cool to watch. Then he stopped and started to growl with tail up and came over to stand by "mom" and then other pack leader Man. Didn't get any closer but didn't stop low growling either until the game with Tara was back on. We would have stayed longer. The tea was perfect. The hospitality even more so. But I had a niggling problem to take care of. And I could've done without my father's nit-picking jokes! It has been a great day! Dancing was fabulous up in Monroe. Not enough students yet...but it has only been two times. I like it there. I think I shall stay after next time to have a good country breakfast in the cafe next door. I also spoke to the owner about the three misspellings on the website. She is a sweet person. Back to debugging and report cards. I have such a sexy Lice..I mean Life!!


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