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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some days are harder to get out of bed than others, wouldn't you agree?
But...you get out. You get a good cup of tea. You get your shoes on, your wokout done, then a dog walk...and it helps a whole lot. With music and just letting all the mind-compost go...and go..and go.
Folks, it's lice central where I work-new cases in our room everyday. I am sick of it.
ANd it's just the beginning. Probably because we have so many folks in denial. Hopefully with efforts I have made with my room parent team, folks will realize that we have to talk about it and FIX IT...We have one kid with a shaved head. I'm thinking about it.
I saw some photos of myself recently. It's not pretty. What could a shaved head do? I've done it before,,,just one side of my head at a time.
I am just sick ofmyself right now.
I read another woman's story last night about her adoption from Viet Nam as a single parent. Before I looked at the date of the log. She was bitching about have to wait 6 WEEKS for a referral. That was then. This is now.
I'm just a little in the dumps. Still have these bags around of my stuff to clean. Haven't been able to touch them. School-we're learning and the are behind the teacher's desk is a pit. Oh well. This too shall pass.
Had to cancel and reschedule important things like therapy, book group, and massage. Sigh.
There were sweet sounds from the wind making timpani of the windchimes up and down our block through the wet, dark streets. Just not in the mood for anything..
And I'm sick of dreams about my exes....that's what therapy is for....
I just remind myself that these are not my kids...Jesus says, THEY ARE MINE," And it is mine to mind that. Lice and all,.


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