Mississippi Moments

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Universe (and some very with-it people) brought me a surgeon today>:)
Scheduled for a consult in early March and possibly earlier to get this excision show on the road. Had some good fun in the snow. Learned how to scan and fax documents from my home computer today--with no whining either!:) Deliced again. Took a very long nap and am making soup and noodles for the week. Love this woodstove. Makes all this other nonsense pale with its light, warmth, scent, memory-making. THe Christmas music in the background doesn't hurt either. Found several homes with lights still up and one home with a full-blown tree lit and proud in the window. That's Ballard for you-cantaloups growing on the parking strip and Norwegian Christmas trees up until whenever we feel like taking them down. Mine would still be up but I need it to dry laundry on.
Maybe another snow day tomorrow--wouldn't that be terrible-*snerk*?


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