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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Miracle #9: Mom and I met with the first radiology oncologist specialists today. After a couple of hours of more information that I ever wanted and was ever so glad to have from the most respectful, invested, compassionate professionals (the Circle of Care just keeps getting bigger with these people), I got the best piece of information of all--the margins are so clear and so deep and the other characteristics of this tumor/cancer in me fit the specs so that his final words were---"Well, it was VERY nice to meet you and you can say hello to me if you see me in the supermarket sometime." Then he escorted us to the parking garage...on the way, we stopped to take care of a few final details and while he was busy and Mom was watching me down the hall, I went to what I thought was an isolated spot to do the 1st Grade Happy Dance...which I did...twice....which brought a couple of concerned nurses SCREAMING FAST out of their office...apparently the thumps of coming down in my best rendition of Keith Whatever His Name Is from the Rolling Stones doing Jumping Jack Flash sound like someone falling down...oooops. They visibly relaxed when I explained the "Happy Dance"..once again, a drawback from not working in the adult world. Ooops. Then my mother and I took the secret way home, got a strawberry milkshake and lemonade, picked up my silly, happy, tired boy-dog from Auntie Lydia's and I came home to crash and nap. For a couple of hours with an ice pack.

It was so good to be back at work today, even for just a half-day. I sat most of the time and instructed from there. I practiced my facial expressions in the mirror before school today and that came in handy. The work and posture and focus were not exactly to standard. But it's amazing how many times a whispered "I missed you" from behind can bring a smile to your face when you are trying to frown at sloppy s's. I also had fun blasting a new, bad-form billboard with bad English to them. I wrote the caption on the board and was very pleased that they found and corrected all FIVE mistakes. I will be contacting the billboard company and the folks who created the bad ad now that I can care about minutiae.

I am elated. tired. well cared for. loved. supported. honored. relieved. focused. and falling in love.

I meet with my surgeon next week for a follow-up. I also meet with the medical oncologist team at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance next week as well. With the information that comes from that session, I will be able to make my final decision about treatment. That's how this works. My therapist taught me that I am driving the Healing Train. And the doctor today liked that image a lot. He smiled and said it was his job to provide all that was needed to get the train up and running, fueled and ready to go and that yes, it was my job to make the informed decision about the trip. :)

It is becoming a tradition to pray in hospital bathrooms with my mother. That's another perk about all of this. Doing sub plans is not. But that should cease soon. It looks like I will be having a healing, quiet summer at home.

There will be monitoring for this in the future. But that is another piece that will be discussed a little later. There is no known cause for this. There is nothing they can pinpoint that created this cancer in me, in this place. I counted the words "rare" three times today, "Uncommon" at least six times and they couldn't find info in two textbooks and on a key website about my "kind and location" of soft tissue cancer because it is so rare...there aren't enough documentable cases. I don't want to be this kind of special.

Time to say a COSMIC THANK YOU, receive and BE LOVE, and send it forth to help heal the world. My love to all. To the Master Surgeon and the Light of the World. i have been Held, Loved, Rocked, Comforted, Encouraged, Filled with Hope at the foot of the Cross. And Especially the knights. And the Sistahs. And the Queen and King.

I am still resting. I am almost ready to take regular phone calls. I am not back to snuff for dancing or anything like that yet....almost ready for cups of tea and chats face to face with Loved Ones. And remember--Don't do the Happy Dance outside of nurses' stations.....


  • At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear oh Dear

    It is Mick and not so much Keith I believe

    But a Happy Dance just the same

    and even MORE

    XOOX Sir UF

  • At 7:45 AM, Blogger The Freewaydiva said…

    :: runs in a little circle with flailing muppet arms ::


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