Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wow! It is slogging out there! Quite a storm! We've had a nice little walk out in the elements. I love that. And I love coming home after.

Been thinking again. Trying not to. That's never gonna happen.
At one point, I was missing the 80's...there was a blissful ignorance in not being "awake". How stupid is that. Nostalgia sucks. the life right out of now.

Sarah Ban Abundance had something worth remarking upon--I've noticed it before.
We outgrow things that we used to consider useful, necessary, and beautiful. There comes a time to clear and to wait. Wait for things that are useful and beautiful for who you are NOW.

I feel sometimes as if I am drowning in all the compartments and foibles, dog towels and unanswered Christmas cards and Get Well cards, black tights and grammar tests from last week, potato smashers from Auntie Helen (I really only have one) and digital scrapbooking tools that I may or may not need to use to make a lifebook(haven't heard back from Mississippi which had to verify and clear the adoption agency license before they could give the adoption agency that needed for me to be cleared the thumbs up that yes, indeed, I am a good person who has never messed with kids on record in Mississippi--and for the record , I have never messed with kids. period. anywhere.-still waiting). What next. I am so tired and fed up with that whole process. I just think what a waste. I was 38 when I started this journey. I am now 47.

Off for more coffee. and to feed my dog. and to get out some dry dogtowels.
And to remember to say,"Thank YOU, Jesus, for what is coming. whatever it is or isn't...Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


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