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Saturday, July 18, 2009

"There, we experienced in our own life
what other people's trust does to you.
It releases new powers;
new depths in your soul open,
hitherto unknown to yourself.
It sharpens your will
and it fixes on the goal--
it helps you to do the impossible.
That's the way God works with us."
----Maria A. Von Trapp

Off to Special Ed. Boot Camp in Moses Lake for the next long week. Porter is off to Camp Alice (t'hee). Called Lydia to make sure she knew what she was getting herself in for. Just making sure.

Been working around here all day. Typical homecare, lifecare things.
Punctuated with puppy play. He tried to eat a bee yesterday and got stung. Scary, that.
Benedryl took care of the swelling and helped him rest. Icecubes, too. He is back to normal. I found him downstairs exploring when I was unloading the car. Tricky, this one. Does not like to wait for 'mom' or follow me around. Except when food is present. I already have plenty of friends, thank you. Move back.

Birch Bay was just what was needed. I, once again, rest in awe at how the Universe brings exactly what I need in answer to prayer. Thank you. Thank you! I have learned why I did not get the jobs I went up for. I have the learned the deeper why. I have been presented with opportunities to grow from and change the obstacles that are present. And to do it in places I hadn't considered. The Universe will allow one to run. And then just like in this Terry Pratchett book I am reading, the Luggage will show up. I/We can do this. And I/we will be ready when am ready. Finished Maria Von Trapp's own story about her life and that of the family. I will be including thoughts and situations from that book in upcoming posts. Hit me right where I needed it. One of her mottos from the Nonnberg Benedictine monastery is this: "The Will of God hath no Why." This has quieted my Heart. And Mind. And Breath. And Walks. Except when we run into skunks.


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