Mississippi Moments

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today was Response to Intervention Day.
All day. One of the best presentations yet. Really brought data driven everything to the fore and how to use it un meaningful, effective ways for ALL learners...and this ain't just theory. It was tough to do some of the number crunching because I have been out of it for awhile, but I watched the other tables of people who do this on a regular basis whizzing through it so it will just take some practice and application.
And I told the mind-crap committee with their bags of past stuff to take a hike or seat in the class next door and I just enjoyed myself today. I also got a little sleep last night (not enough--I look really tired as people were commenting), but so what. Everyone else is at Happy Hour at a local pub/restaurant. I am on the balcony with HW, enjoying the water and breezes and sunshine getting ready to begin outlines, scenarios, questions, and any other assignments I will get to. Tomorrow a great class and then I get to come home. Yay!!


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