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Monday, July 27, 2009

"We need to rewrite recession to read: money recess. Remember recess....take a deep breath . What you are really worth is not about money."--SARK, "Inspiration Sandwich"

Been a busy few days. And now it's hot. Which I don't mind.
Having this puppy back is wonderful and challenging. Lydia did a bucketload of work with him. We are settling in. I still have a couple more papers and one project to turn in from my classes last week. I will finish those in the heat of this afternoon while the plumber is here. Having some issues in the one bathroom we do have here at Fair Isle. As I am looking at all this ordinary reality, I am so grateful.

Went to a extended family gathering with relatives down in the Olympia area. Met and remet a few folks with whom I have ties. I am not so comfortable around those kinds of gatherings...and it was still fun. And we wore Porter out with all the attention and other dogs to play with.

I'll be teaching a Celtic arts and dance camp up in Mountlake Terrace a couple of times this summer. Session One begins today. I am still working on the creative arts part.

Sister Colleen did a gig at Conor Byrne's pub with her friends. It was well attended and very fun. It is a simple pleasure for me to arrive very early with a backgammon game (or Scrabble), a friend, and sit and enjoy a good seat, a pint, and some quiet fun before the music and the crowd. Pick a pub, pick a country. Simple pleasures. Later that pleasure will be in scrubbing out the compost bucket and beginning the front yard clearout.


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