Mississippi Moments

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in the classroom today. Began shaping what will be our Learning Home for this year.One step, one piece, one breath, one peace...at a time.

I was listening to something on NPR this afternoon while stuck in traffic. It was someone waxing humorously and connectedly about a snapshot moment in their life when they were taken care of, taken delight in, cherished by a parent-figure. I was wondering about that myself...trying to remember. I came up with a few, some of which have occurred when I was a grown-up. Others by those who were not my bio-parents...rather friends, sisters, brothers, dogs, animals, trees, luna, ocean. We each must have a special box in our hearts with these moments of being held and treasured. Maybe this is what I will write about instead of my other ideas.

In truth, I have nothing to be undone about. Nothing. Time there is for being present to the joy. That's what I am going to give my energy to...this is my"new normal" until I figure out what it is I am "supposed" to be doing...if there is anything "big" or lovely to share...I will. Until then, I am going to take a break from the computer, except email.
I am going to dig, walk my dog, read children's book with great pictures, learn on the harp, chop wood, haul water--you know. The good stuff.


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