Mississippi Moments

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pulling tansy has given me a migraine.
And I had a lovely time yesterday at Roche Harbor.
Visited the Outdoor Sculpture Park, found a dragon in the woods near a saltmarsh on the trail created by the local Girl Scouts, and recognized herons by their sqwruawkk. Got pretty close to four seal pups resting on a rocky shore when we were kayaking and enjoyed the sound of raven echoing over the green-grey waters up there. It is the playground of the rich if you stay near the Harbor. It is God's everywhere else. Little niblets of local history to enjoy. And ice cream and dinner at the historic hotel restaurant...and back to Boeing Field in 35 minutes. That's what I call a special day. It was a thank you to me for my caring and hard work with a child from a family where I work. They have their own plane. And they wanted to thank me. I thank them. It felt good to be there with them. There.


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