Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Naps are necessary to my creative life...set yourself up for the perfect nap. A small snack, your favorite pillow, and a certain kind of quiet."---SARK, "Inspiration Sandwich"

Didn't want to get our of bed this morning. Up at the usual 4:30 time and it was beautiful outside and so cool. The morning stars were quiet, too. Everything. The sky was on the wispy edge of brightening. We had our moment and went back to read and gnaw on a frozen kong. You can guess which had which.

Hot enough for you out there?

The dancing camp is off to a great start and then we have Tara dance this afternoon. I am happy for the chances to sweat and teach. I am already trying out some things I learned last week. Finished the rough draft on my papers and will type those up this afternoon when I get back.

This is the time to really appreciate simple things--water from a hose, water in a glass, water in an ice cube, water on your playing puppy, water in the kiddie pool outback for floaty things and play...speaking of water, there were three sets of plumbers out here yesterday. Seems Fair Isle has a pipe problem. The next round will get fixed on Thursday. Apparently this sweet little old house has sweet little old plumbing that needs to be cut out and replaced. So this we will do. Because I want to be a sweet little old lady in this sweet little old house with sweet little new plumbing that will let me have my sweet little baths, showers, and soaks when needed.


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