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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ever seen an adolescent crow fly into a capacitor? In front of your house?
There is a huge bang. A shower of sparks. The crow pops and has been eviscerated from the neck to the legs. The look of surprise on the bird's face was priceless and frozen for all to see. Frozen--odd word to use here. And the power is out. out. gone. On the entire block both sides. Brought some more face time with my already friendly neighbors but nobody was particularly friendly. Not their faults. Or mine. Wonder what the crow wanted? Didn't his mom teach him to stay away from hot stoves and capacitors? That meant the local source of ice cubes for Porker and me went the by-way. And my excuse for hanging out in the basement (laundry). Yesterday was awesome for that--everything dried in about two hours God's way!

And in other news...we had change with Porter coming into this house. There is other change brewing. Bigger change. Change I have been waiting for and working for and praying for for a long time. Looking really really promising. Details when I have some. Prayer please. For God's Will. And in God's time. Like Maria Von Trapp says, "God's Will Hath No Why"....Thankful we are.

The plumbers come again today. There were three sets on Monday. They are going to cut and take out a section of the old plumbing and replace it. Then they will unclog the pipes to the street. I am not going to hold my breath. I just may need to take on another job. Alrighty then. I am once again having the best summer of my life. This just keeps happening.

Harp camp this weekend. Porter goes to Camp Alice and I get to be of service in one of the best places on earth with people, trees, beings, space who are connected in love, music, healing, laughter, challenge and release...I will miss Book Group. Bummers for me. That's twice in a row. And I need to go to this section of Life's buffet. It is what my spirit needs. I have learned Eleanor Plunkett. Big deal-why? I began this b.d (before diagnosis) and then life happened and I couldn't pick up the harp for a good long while. that's the challenge and release part. And then it was time. And the healing...there was tuning and playing with Fletcher in the little harp patio on the side of my little cottage (that was the original intent of that secret, sweet spot next to the laceleaf maple with the fairies underneath, shielded by the rubus liniatus, and with plenty of overhangs for curious chickadees or hummingbirds zipping in for a late evening slurp), and more playing at Pine Lake and up in Birch Bay and then harp and me went to Moses Lake and enjoyed dusk moments next to juniper and lake and heron overhead. See what I mean about all this??? At harp camp, many who come aren't aware of the essential purpose for their being there. It's not up to me to judge or put anyone in a box, and this happens every year. The harp, resonating next to someone's heart and chakra, causes an energetic and physical release, often many, like a cascading waterfall or like the scales coming off a salmon that Grandpa Surridge caught and was cleaning and scraping at that tall table at Point No Point. Except the Hand that is Scraping is gentle and full of love. And when "it" all tumbles away, the joy, the lightness, the potentiality begin to dance. To some it just sounds like Welsh Tune Number One and Two played badly...but to me what I can "see", It's Heaven. Here. Now. Real.

And in some other wonderful news--the Star Sisters have a new family member. His name is...STAR! He is an eight year old Golden Retriever adopted through Evergreen Retriever Rescue. He comes with some special needs. They are all adjusting and learning...and getting some good outside time together. :) Can't wait to meet him.


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