Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Found this today---
"I don't believe that our loved ones make our lives...but loving them does.
---Sarah, True Women, by Janice Woods Windle

This snow, this ice, this respite. What a gift!
I am so aware that I am blessed to have the luxury of not having to brave the elements and idiots because I have to go to a job. I definitely will not be getting into a car until it rains thoroughly. I love the muffled quiet that layers the outside around us now because of the snow. I like the moon shining on us when we go outside. I also am thankful that I have a warm, dry little home. This woodstove is doing its thing. This is when the woodstacking really pays off. Porter has had a quiet day with me. Probably wishes he could've had more fun but I have been curled up correcting mounds of Greek and Latin roots work and other projects. Time for a break, a cup of hot cider, and my own good book. No school again tomorrow.


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