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Monday, October 25, 2010

On a Lark...
Yesterday, I got the once in a lifetime chance to sing "with" my sister and my Dad.
As back-up for a song on her newest CD that is about to be birthed. Something I have always wanted to do. Made me happy to be invited to participate. Still am happy about it. I crack too many jokes when I am nervous. I think that happened yesterday but it all worked out. At least that is what the fairy god-daughter is telling us.:)

Fletcher and I attended Harper Tache's concert on Sat. night at the Trinity Episcopal church on Capitol Hill. For one, I really enjoy going to other sacred places and spaces. Second, I enjoy non-miked music and stories...more intimate, more meaningful. Harper has a way of sharing stories and inviting the audience to join his creative visualizations so we can experience what he was experiencing when he was inspired in the forest glade, and the edge of the world on the Isle of Lewis, under a whorl of stars in mid-winter at Holden Village in the middle of nowhere, in a desert oasis of mystery, in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. It was a nourishing evening to be sure.

Got to hold the twin niece and nephew and spend some quality time with their parental units in their home. It was a sweet time.

Still chewing on and being challenged by the words and actions of Fr. John Dear, SJ who spoke as part of the Peace Lecture series at Willamette U in Salem last week. I had a singularly special time sharing with my friend, Jean. Disarming one's heart of violence is a worthy and mighty endeavor. Good thing we have lots of help!
First early, early pre-dawn walk in the wind, rain, and dark. Going to take some time to transition to this. Very thankful for the new and brighter street lights here in our neighborhood.


  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger Colleen said…

    It's mixed!! I'll send it to you tonight. Thank you so much for coming in. It's perfect!


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