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Monday, October 04, 2010

October is here and the Christmas music has begun...in earnest...
and I don't want any comments about the fact that it never ends...because I know that already. Tell me something new and enticing that I don't know!:)

We are beginning a quiet day here at the Cottage. It is Recipe Day. That is what we are calling Mondays now. Unless the day becomes Go Find A New Trail Or Garden To Explore Day or Let's Go To The Dump Day or Let's Go Wander in A Town Nearby Day or Let's Sleep Until Our Joints Don't Hurt That Much Day or Let's Take Our Tea Outside And Watch The Sky and Listen To The Birds Sing Day. I believe that I am getting the hang of this time to rest thing. More or less.

The weekend was interesting. Taught dance classes Friday night in Lynnwood. I enjoyed ending the week that way. It is always a challenge to step into a new set of classes with dancers used to a particular teacher and particular ways of doing things and set off on the learning, teaching, sweating, power struggles that want to be but ain't, and reactions from their parents watching every blessed interaction and word through the windows. I love Love and Logic. It is life-saving, sanity preserving, patience enhancing, and flow-worthy. It doesn't interfere with the learning and interactions with the rest of a class and it addresses "problems" and potential problems with grace, the correct level of attention without getting hooked, and gives the child choices...and the instructor, too. And that I have 25 years of experience working with 2nd graders who aren't used to being told no didn't hurt either. These kids are just begging to be boundaried, clearly, respectfully, and consistently. And it always catches me inside (not in a good way) when parents are in awe at how I handle "things". There are so many resources out there. Go find them. Ask someone. Ask me. I'll share. Even though I am only the substitute dance teacher. I had a ball. I had a good workout even hacking up a lung. And my hips, waist, legs, and feet are getting in Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars shape!

Saturday was spent driving a friend and her husband up to Canada to catch their cruise through the Panama canal. Coming back to the US from Canada took a good long while. Then it was off to book group. Another compelling, entertaining, and engaging evening of conversation, thought sharing, and downright opinion-mongering. It is Home to me, my thirsty mind, and community-seeking heart.

Sunday was spent helping out Magical Strings by working the harp and music booth at the Issaquah Salmon Days. Tons of people. Lots of friendly dogs. Talked and talked about harps, the upcoming Yuletide concerts, gave lots of mini lessons to children. I love that part, when a child holds and strokes a harp for the first time. We are lucky to have such a connection to the Bouldings and the invitation to be a part of this community of creative and compassionate people. We put the booth away and enjoyed a quiet dinner in a noisy restaurant before coming home.

Off to check out the recipes I was interested in last week and to see what ingredients need to be gathered. This week will involve something in the crockpot. I want that smell to come home to after a long dog walk or teaching dance.
I love October. Hug your pets today or your favorite tree or give love to your plants. It is St. Francis Day. He would like that.


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