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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hallelujah Country and Big Underwear Moments or Where Is Your Inner Child Hiding and Bread and Butter Basics

We will start with the B.U. M. for your blog-reading pleasure(?):
"Good morning sister.....
(reprinted with this sister's permission)
I thought of you yesterday....I went shopping yesterday and on my list of things to buy was big comfy underwear. I tried them on when I got home and OH MY GOODNESS they are so much more comfortable than the cute little ones I've been putting myself into all these years. All this time that we've been teasing you about it, you're really the one laughing at us because you have the most comfortable underwear! I will never make fun of your underwear choice again......unless of course you forget them and the full moon is out. :)--Love, your Sister
N.B. (This refers to a shining lunar moment backstage at Portland Yuletide during a costume change and it was WAY past my bedtime (8pm) and I was double-your-fun hanging out there without knowing that my big undies hadn't quite made it up to the sky yet....now, when we sing verse 2 of All Through the Night at the Yuletides, you, too can join us with extra, special emphasis on the phrase about the FULL Moon, except Julia because she simply annoys me:)and wink*wink*secret smile* that you will see up on stage. Now, I can rest. It is out there now.

What I really want to write about today-----
There was a time, several years ago, when my family showed up to help another family. This particular family lived in the community where my big brother is in practice. We are a big group with a big heart and lots of muscles that can do good. They needed a new fence for safety reasons and some other home/yard improvements. The Mom was Mom to several special needs foster children. One of these Gifts from God was about 6 years old. After we had spent the day working together (and playing with the kids some of the time:), we got ready to wrap the project and go home. I tend to be a kid-magnet anyway. This little angel came over to me. (I will NEVER forget this.) Someone in the family had called out my (regular )name. She was standing next to me. She heard it. She looked up through these little glasses perched on her nose, slam-hugged me, and said with conviction, "You are my Hallelujah!". The rest of the time, that's what she called me. And a few times after that, that was MY name. She and her brother came to visit, as special guests, the classroom and students where I spent my days. I was her "Hallelujah". Wearing my great grandpa's overalls, my beat-up wellies, working, singing, and playing in the rain.

I had forgotten about "Hallelujah" until yesterday.
Hallelujah showed up. She came out to play--with me. She is me! I'll say it again-I had forgotten. There she was on the trail, in the pouring rain, on the mountain.
I am thankful for raven calls, waterfalls, stairs on the trail cha-cha, alpine lakes kissed by sleepy glaciers, mist and moss chains dangling on old growth, malachite meadows, and being in Hallelujah country!! I ate my first ever wild mountain blueberries yesterday...ON THE MOUNTAIN! :)
Hallelujah found her way out. She has no fear. She finds grace and awe in Creation. And in the old foundations of homesteader cabins. And in the faces of the families, rock climbers, tourists, seasoned hiking buddies coming on up as we were clambering on down. And in the strong, healthy body parts that were stretched and challenged for the first time in years. And in conversations that added healing missing pieces to what I didn't know about some of the crap that went down last year. The picture is indeed bigger than our spirits can ever imagine. So is the healing reverb. I love when the Cosmic Tapestry and Plan touch me and tell enough about the Healing and the Love that is ALL THAT THERE IS. If that is Hallelujah's job, I'll take it. That's what this sabbatical is all about. I have not been very patient with this letting go/resting/replenishing process. And when I get little blips of that BIG SOURCE YES!-just like those moments of sunshine and warmth spitspotting through the mist that hung on the trees, rockslides, waterfalls, glacier-edges, and old growth ones yesterday, I'll keep to this path for awhile yet. If you look closely, you might even spot Hallelujah. The big underwear is another matter.:)
So where is your Inner Child hiding and can you name one of your bread and butter basic pleasures?


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