Mississippi Moments

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Knees Have It!
Boy, are we thankful for ice! And elevation! And more ice! And tea brought to us on the couch as we (you guessed it) ice!
I am dancing more and being challenged more than the last 8 years of teaching class. This is not to counter the excellent Yuletide training and argument/drama sessions we used to have...however, I am enjoying the heck out of being stretched on the inside, outside, and brainside. To have such a strong, healthy, working body--what a gift. Period. And to be able to take this gift and take it on walks and learn Scottish country dancing and yoga and tribal bellydance and trips to the dogpark and up the side of Mt. Si in the next week. All good.

It is a beautiful time of year. Time to read Rumi. And A. Conan Doyle and Ian Fleming (Did you know he wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Band and his work is NOTHING like the movie version with Dick Van Dyke?!?) They are really too different to compare. Time to learn how to use a sewing machine. Time to learn Spanish for Educators. Time for learning to make gluten-free recipes. Time for learning how to download books from the library website. Time for retraining myself to train this fantastic pup. Time for being still, too.


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