Mississippi Moments

Friday, October 01, 2010

Some mornings are just made for little sweetnesses-
The light playing off my"black" dog which turns him sort of chestnut and speckled, the rough softness of a very old wool blanket curled around my head as I try to burrow deeper because the neighbor next door has decided to mow at 7 a.m., the peace that comes with hand-hemming workout pants, a good cup of coffee (of course), prayer that comes over the internet and in the morning reading for the day, the heavenly hugs that make the hairs on my heart stand up from the ancestors--Grandma Grace in particular to day because it is St. Terese of Liseux's Day--The Day of Little Ways and Big Love.
Here are some little ways that are, to me, inner proof that the Ways Have it-
*listening to stressed out beloveds, just listening
*helping out in family emergencies
*harvesting and not letting things go to waste
*spending time in quiet
*more prayer-talking and listening to Abba
*getting help when and as needed
*going the extra mile
*drinking deeply of this cup of gratitude
*not losing faith and or losing faith and forgiving yourself when it's happened.
*being happy for others

More later....


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