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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

BAROOO-ROO-Roo and the Little Cadence that goes with it

"To be grateful for what is,
instead of underscoring what is not.
To find good amid the unwanted aspects of life,
without denying the presence of the unwanted.

To focus on beauty in the little things of life,
as well as being deliberate about the great beauties of art, literature, music, and nature.
To be present to one's own small space of life,
while stretching to the wide world beyond it.
To find something to laugh about every day,
even when there seems nothing to laugh about.
To search for and to see the good in others,
rather than remembering their faults and weaknesses.
To be thankful for each loving deed done by another,
no matter how insignificant it might be.
To taste life to the fullest,
and not take any part of it for granted....to be at peace with what cannot be changed.
-----Joyce Rupp, "Gratitude"

Brigie and Matt had their baby girl yesterday. Cadence Opal. How perfect is that. She has a Village to love her.Their fur-kid is here at Fair Isle with us. We are having a pretty fun time after we got the rules established inside and out.
The "Boys" spend most of their time whooping it up on my bed, having now been renamed the "Party Palace". I kick them off at bedtime. We are enjoying very long walks in the morning and evening. We finally today figured out how to play outside together in the same space without breaking the smaller one of us. Running, tug o'war, hide-n-seek, digging, a little wrestling, lots of sniffing--for over an hour in the October sun. It was fun for all. I had the pleasure of sewing up the ripped up sections of the stuffed toys they are playing with. Naptime is included everyday. So is quiet time when Auntie Erin goes to dancing.

Not much in the mood to write. Just seem to be enjoying what is happening moment to moment. Joyce Rupp captured it best.


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