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Thursday, December 02, 2010

When it comes to the part where one is living one's wishes...then that's what I call LIVING. ---emr, today, as the fire crackles, the cider simmers, the pup whines and attempts to steal socks off the lowest rung on the drying rack, and the emr reflects.

i don't want to be anywhere else.
i don't want to be doing anything else.
i am thinking everyday about those who need and want healing, love, support, care, prayer, and easier moments. And i am sending from the abundance that seems to have taken up residence. my heart hurts for my star-sister friend who lost her auntie and her mother in a matter of days. my heart continues to hold space and love around my sister-in-law who is healing from surgery and preparing for the next stage of her healing journey. i am thankful just about every moment for the work God has called me to do. dang, i like this. the walks in the morning and evening. the fact that my knees want to give out but aren't. the getting older and getting wiser and not giving a shit about that because i am too busy living. this is my new normal. until it isn't anymore.add christmas music to it and colleen's newest collection with a bottle of a light tuscan earth-wine, and the approaching solstice sings with inner light. and tonight's blog-o-rama is dedicated to the spirit of e.e. cummings for all which is natural which is infinite which is yes----------(sorry Gretchen)---my Christmas lights ARE always on all year 'round and HEAVEN, YEAH!!!!!!!


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