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Friday, June 23, 2006

June 22, 2006
Well, they hate soccer and I love Tai-Bo!
It's finally the end of a activity-filled week!... got to unpack my box of bones this morning and had three classes of hands-on science and classifying, describing, and recording attributes/observations of my great collection of bones. Since I have mostly bones from animals of the Pacific Northwest (beaver, deer, harp seal, sea lion, walrus, Roosevelt elk,etc.), we also had a mini-geography lesson and habitat review. It was fun to listen to their experiences with bones and animals. We are looking forward to our trip to the Memphis Zoo in two weeks.

In the first part of the day, the first graders and I are working on poetry, creative writing, solid and plane geometry with clay, and math skills using buttons.
We do our skip counting and other math skills with bean bags. They love rhythm and singing!

There was a staff meeting today and Miz Sister Teresa bought lunch from one of the local restaurants that specializes in what-else? - barbeque! Yum! It smelled great! The state of Mississippi doesn't officially recognize vegetarians, so I had a lovely lump of fries with cheese and considered myself happy! The other interesting thing to note is that I could only understand one person at the meeting and that was Miz Sr. Teresa! There was a whole lot of laughing and talking...turns out they are having a carnival for the children on July 1st with games. food, and fun!

The girls in the Girls to Women program have decided that they don't like soccer and they don't want to do it. The resistance is making it tough for me not to be discouraged. I'm trying to mix it up, be creative, move things quickly, and to use the HNA highschool helpers--it's still tough. The other coaches are telling me to be more tough on the girls and to make them run. The girls apologized today at their class for their poor attitudes and arguing yesterday before we went down to the practice place, but their hearts weren't in it. We'll keep on keeping on because some of them are actually demonstrating some mastery of skills. And that's what I came to do...

When I came to Jonestown this summer, it was with open eyes. I knew what to expect in terms of the cultural and other differences (which seem to be extreme sometimes from what I know)...and still when a kid get glassy-eyed and sticks their chin out, I can see "stubborn" a mile away...I was one of those who invented it...and this is why I love Tai-Bo...I get to go down to the Jonestown Health Club and work it off before heading back to SNJM house for the evening... I'm enjoying my evenings there with Miz Sr. Teresa, Sister Anne Deneen and Kitty. I keep hoping Colleen will turn up on one of the detective shows they like to watch! I had to turn on the air conditioning for the first time last night in my room...gotta go...the girls are ready to roll...or something!


  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger Colleen said…

    I will do what I can, but I worry that they are fond of Hart to Hart and I am a little late for that. I love you and love to read your observations and adventures!

  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger Jean said…

    E! Hello to Sister Anne Dineen. I lived with her in Oakland.Small world...you continue to be a connection, doncha!


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