Mississippi Moments

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another first------attended to the garage for the first time in three years. Threw out a bunch of old teaching stuff, stewarded other stuff to Goodwill, and organized the rest for future use by me or others. I also spent several hours with a mom of two active, healthy adopted boys and picked her brain about the resources around here for kids with special needs. She had binders and binders full. I'm on the road but alot of this will wait until it's known who's coming into this Life and Love.

Also went to school to do a little work. Will spend the rest of the week living there to prepare.Ran into several students at Mass this morning, and it made me happy. They all came over to say hi.

Not much in the mood to play these days. Reading, napping, working out, spending too much time on the internet---looking for the shift and getting into the school year and teaching dance. Part of me can't wait for fall and part of me is dreading it--another season without the dogs...


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