Mississippi Moments

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Learning is the thing...and today ain't over.
Here's what I've learned so far:
1. You can make sparks with garden tools, and yes, dry grass will burn from said sparks.
2. It is fun to do this.
3. It gives "teaching" a whole new face when the classroom is the restored wetlands beach area at Golden Gardens, the student is one creative, open-hearted six year old who can find and count herons almost as fast as me, and the lessons include teaching her how to draw labyrinths in the damp sand.
4. Igneous takes on a whole new meaning when it comes back to you as "Mother Earth First Rock"--yup, that's what the Greeks meant, too.
5. Colleen is more beautiful than ever...
5b...so are Brigie, Mimi, Julie, Sara,and, and...this Sistahs thing matters so much!
6. I learned what a STERB was today--Short-Term-Energy-Releasing-Behavior. In the Grief Recovery Handbook, these are things that distract and interfere with embracing and completing the painful process of grieving for loss. Okay, so it's like a cosmic game of cards--"Hit me, again" and I'll see what the latest hand brings...I get the point...I'll grieve and STERB and, and drink limeade. And do yardwork until I can't see anymore. And stack rocks. And touch cedars and lean on them occasionally. And go to church, in buildings and outside. And believe with all my Heart that there are kids out there for me to parent. And dance..sometimes while doing yardwork.
7. Mary J. rocks. I wish her safe and nourishing travels.
8. Jean and Laura and Mike rock. I wish them safe and nourishing travels.
9. I can't take "good" pictures--but good enough to tell my stories.
10. Dancing for and supporting great causes like the North Kitsap Arts and Crafts Fair is a good thing. So, there, Martha.


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