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Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Driving and "Mih Ern, you is one of us!"
I am tired and have a splitting headache as I blog this, but I want to get this in before I head to Memphis and then to Montreal. This morning, we were back at the JLC with the younger kids to head up to the Memphis Zoo. We loaded two vans and off we went. On the way, something occurred which was potentially endangering to the children and which necessitated a change in driver for one of the vans. When it happened, I did my protective teacher thing in my seat and was muttering to myself about how it's just not right to mess around with other people's precious kids. What I didn't know was that two of the other JLC staff were watching and listening to me grouse, and Miz Lady then said in her booming voice, "MIZ ERN! You is one of us! You got it right, girl." That made my day...I also ended up having to drive up to the zoo..not my favorite thing to do, but I am here to serve. We enjoyed ourselves at the Zoo, although family, be thankful for the Woodland Park Zoo. We are so lucky for the quality and variety of our zoo. Take your kids there this month or better yet, let me take them there and you stay home (or go shopping) and do something sweet for yourself! We ended up having to wait close to an hour for lunch and we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way back so we were late for the Girls to Women program this afternoon. I was still (and STILL am) in my shorts and t-shirt and the other staff were all dressed up. (My clean, pressed not pitted out clothes were at the Learning Center and there wasn't time for me to go back and change...oops, it is not okay to whine at the Jonestown Learning Center). The place was packed (For Jonestown, with parents, aunties and uncles, siblings, Sr. Kay and the HNA volunteers, and their friends). Some of the girls read essays they have written about what they have learned about puberty, self-esteem, decision-making, and sports. Then they put on a show/display of what they have been learning. I guess the soccer went well. It went by so fast that I don't really know. The music was cool (USHER!) and I heard a couple of booms during the shooting demo part.At least they hit the wall and not people in the audience.) They loved their awards, and started calling me Mih RAAAANEEE when they saw my last name. They also did a basketball demo and their dance. We gave them the soccer balls to keep. Note to self: bring those little mini-cones next year and mail down enough soccer balls from Seattle before I come. This will eliminate the need to bring the massive parking cones from the Learning Center (and there are only five) and sending other nuns to the store for more soccer balls and she comes back with Barbie ones...not that I am complaining...I'll blog more about the history and what I've learned about the community here in Jonestown when I have a chance. I am ready to leave and am torn between wanting to come home and not wanting to come home...it's going to be hard for awhile...love to you all.


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