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Friday, June 30, 2006

Exciting news from Colleen, eh?!?!?!!! Must have been a lucky day because last night I was able to stay up late enough to see my first lightning bugs! The bug situation here is truly extraordinary and Brenin would be in awe at the abundance of unusual insects and Dad would be in awe of the abundance of unusual chemicals the folks down here use to eradicate themselves of these creatures. Hold in your auditory center the background noise of a constant, high-pitched electrical buzzing noise with intermittent power surges--these are the sounds of the night, the cicadas. The dawn patrol includes the lovely whoo-whipp-Ing songs of the red cardinals.

We went to Mexican dinner and I saw two things last night that stuck out...some REAL rednecks and guys smoking IN the restaurant. Either this group of men had been out playing baseball or they were working outside all day because they all had the same bright red, and I mean crawdad red, on their necks under their baseball caps (which they all wore through dinner with their sunglasses tipped onto the brims).

These SNJMs and the other sisters who are down here are a unique blend of deep spirituality, cut you to the bone honesty, stubborn will and 'don't tell me no', creativity, compassion, practicality, and chutz-pah (hope I spelled that right). This convinces me that God is large and in charge.... They were joking earlier about disaster preparedness...making sure they had enough red wine in their car trunks before heading to the Gulf Coast. They are always among the first on the scene with any and everything folks need. And Billy Ray DeDeaux (say Dee-doh)who was in charge at one of the worst spots near Biloxi liked these Irish nuns so much that he found them another private spot where they could go to "rest and pray" away from all the Baptists who might be disconcerted of their leisure activities...

To end today's entry, a little 4th grader named Earnest sat next to me on the bus yesterday on the way to swimming. He was quiet for awhile and then he started asking me questions. He asked "where you from?" I said Seattle. He wanted to know if I lived in a house or a trailer. I said a small house with 5 rooms. He counted all the rooms and named what they were for and then he got this look and said, "What you got 2 bedrooms for if you ain't got kids?" I said I used it for an office..he shook his head and was quiet. Then he lit up and he said, "Hey, you can use is for yo'gitss."
"Yeah, now you gots a place for yo' gitss". So, I am happy to know this...:) Earnest lives in a "big apartment with 4 bedrooms"... Jonestown...More later..enjoy your weekend. We will be having a carnival tomorrow for all the children in the town. I am in charge of horseshoes.


  • At 1:37 AM, Blogger thread girl said…

    I think I figured out how to write in the comment area. Christmas kitty sends purrs and head rubs to you. And Governor Gregoire got a new dog to guard the mansion, named Trooper.

  • At 1:40 AM, Blogger thread girl said…

    I think I figured out how to write in the comment area. Christmas kitty sends purrs and head rubs to you.

  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger Jean said…

    "yo' gitts"? Means your stuff? It's clear my southern speech has some big holes. :-) I'm always grateful that you are in the company of those wonderful snjms (near and dear to my heart). Hope horseshoein' goes well and all have a wonderful time. Breakfasting with our friend, Sue Peck, this morning. Keep on keepin' on! J


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