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Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 5th-6th: Driving, Driving, Driving...
We were up at the crack of o'dark thirty the day after the 4th and off to Choctaw, Mississippi to take the Girls to Women on their big field trip to Geyser Springs Water Theme Park on the Choctaw Reservation. Supposedly, this trip was about 2 1/2 hours away..NOT! Try 4 or more each way...I was not looking forward to the driving because the coach who was driving the little van drives like Dad---how shall I say this, with purpose...so I loaded up on the Dramamine and prepared to snooze my way. Then, it turned out she had had an all night shift (she is in nursing school), and so I got to drive. We drove out of the flat, cotton-field laden Delta counties into the beautiful hill country of Mississippi as the sun was coming up and the mist gently draped over kudzu-wrapped trees. Little tiny towns and horse farms were the order of this part of the state. The land had been farmed out by the Civil War, so the locals turned to growing and producing other types of products. We crossed over the Natchez Trace, and I begged Miz Sr. Teresa to let me drop everyone off and then drive back 50 miles to go exploring and then I promised to come pick them up later...she didn't believe me...so that will have to wait until another trip. I can't wait--it's an historic route first begun by the Native Americans, then the French traders, the American military and traders, and then, planters, families and slaves from Nashville all the way to Natchez, MS. There is some Lewis and Clarking on the route as well. Meriwhether Lewis is buried on the Trace. A "trace" is a track or trail. We arrived at the water park by noon. It was hot and the girls were excited. Now, for those of you with delicate leanings, you might not want to continue reading. Mississippi has the record for the being the leader in entire U.S. for the highest percentage of obese people-adults and kids. I believe they all decided to go to the water park on that day...and since I haven't really watched t.v. for almost ten years nor have I engaged in shopping in a contemporary way (Fred Meyer Docker sale hardly counts), I couldn't believe what I was seeing on people by way of swimsuits..or lack thereof and what wasn't fitting into the fabric allotments and what would happen to what wasn't fitting in after some of the rides, slides, and attractions...now, before you think this is just me with my weird hang-up on the human body, etc., let me present to you a couple of the quotes from the Jonestown Learning Center staff while I was trying to nap--"Miz Sister Teresa, have you read Moby Dick lately?" "Miz Sister Teresa, we're sure havin' us a WHALE of a time now ain't we?!?" Sadly but truthfully, the three counties that top out the nation for obesity include two Delta counties, and Jonestown is in one of them. (i.e.This is exactly why there is now a Jonestown Fitness and Health club and why Kids' Aerobics are on twice a week and the classes are full!)Back to the water park..the tatoo viewing was fulfilling that day, and we interrupted the trip home with a stop at Shoney's, country fried anything buffet...and Julie, I got the same cross-eyed look from the waitron as in 1989 when I asked for HOT TEA with cream. She repeated my request three times to make sure and then she shook her head as she walked off.
Something to note: when you are around kids and people who go hungry at times, it makes for a certain energy and intensity when you go to a buffet-style restaurant...


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