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Friday, July 21, 2006

Dominoes that aren't dominoes.

When you go over to the McLean's house, you can always be sure of a couple of things:
1. There are enough doggy kisses from Molly to wake anyone from a major depression!
2. You will always be treated as if you were there yesterday and everyday before that and they are REALLY glad to see you again...
3. The food is always great.
4. The art and science that is curling has many offshoots---such as dominoes that aren't dominoes. Either way, it helps to build dendrytes, is challenging, and will involve being around more fun people.

The Curling Club is having a fundraiser, a dominoes tournament, and for me, this will be an opportunity to learn something new. I also learned that "smokers" in the Bothell area of the Pacific Northwest stand upright (another cultural difference from Jonestown) but the smell is the same and the food it makes deliciously sinful! I had a lovely time.

Spent today doing laundry, reading about 6+1 Trait writing, thinking about working in the garden, and having a harp practice session with Avis and Val at Val's house. In all honesty, it was way more storytelling and sharing than harping in Val's beautiful house, but it's not often that we get the opportunity. We are looking forward to harp camp and the wonders that it wil bring.

Came home to nap and think about working in the garden as the heat goes down and the moon goes up...the thinking is the thing.


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