Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Murder. It was senseless, violent murder. Two women, mother and daughter, connected to one another and to the One in Nature...and some monster(s) ended their lives and the ripples of loving influence that they had in this present life when their bodies with bullets were found on the trail near Mt. Pilchuck...and Mary and I were camping right next door to them on the Stilliguamish River in Verlot. I wish I could say it wasn't fear that made us leave in a hurry, but it was. We headed to our sanctuary, the lake, and I barely remember anything but naps, tea, Yahtzee, and a very heavy heart. I miss my dogs so much everything else seems like a bloody blurrrrr most of the time. They still haven't found the killers of Mary Cooper and Susanna Stodden. I am going to the memorial for these two souls, and somehow, I am going to walk in the woods in peace and without fear as their family has requested to honor their memories and their being...

I made a very tough decision not to go meet a Sheltie puppy and her brother over in eastern Washington. The circumstances around these little Shelties were very circumspect...I choose not to support situations that just perpetuate greed. I have a long way to go, and there is "Do" in my try. I'm also not ready. Brenin, wiseheart, brought something to my attention--that maybe I would be ready for the next puppy when I didn't need one so much...hard as it is to be alone, I'm going to try that one on for awhile. I still went over to Lake Wenatchee State Park. LIttle Feather went with me. It was an act of love for her to come away from the kittens at the Field. It is also a blessing to be with someone who understands just what a miracle is Diet Pepsi with lime! It was also an opportunity to create some new memories with empowerment mayo smeared all over the top by driving my own little RV on the roads that I'd previously only been on as a passenger in a big red truck or on the back of a motorcycle. I will be spending more time over White and Blewitt passes in the future...

Lake Wenatchee was a cool, windy place...with potential for lots of walks and lodgepole pine watching... The drive over the pass and then along the Yakima River and then over another pass through Mossyrock and on to Hwy 101 and North River Valley was too long and also incredibly beautiful. Staying at the Field also feels to me like a lonely coming home. Part of my Heart is buried there and dancing in the Trees. I was married there. My darling Sadie rests there. Will and Little Feather and now kittens and MommaKitty live there. Birds, trees, deer, elk, river, and my joy, tears, and soul are part of this womb-place.
I have been given the opportunity to care-take this place while they are away on a journey to the midwest. I am afraid and grateful.


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