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Friday, July 14, 2006

July 14, 2006
I'm back in this lovely little home, Fair Isle Cottage, holding space with love...and some tears. It's going to take some time to adjust, and meanwhile I am going to continue to give thanks to my Wonderous Loving God for the love in my life and the opportunities to be of service in the ways and for those whom God means for me to be.

Had "une aventure merveileuse" with my mother and father in Salaberry de Valleyfield, Quebec with the language, the cool breezy weather, the hydroplane culture and racing, and the best of all---experiencing the wonder and genius that is my brother, Scott. He is amazing--we all knew that--but to observe him in his own element, working, thinking, directing, creating, synthesizing, interacting, --justement, une chose incroyable! And all the people of his team--the clockwork, the intuition, the dedication, the professionalism, the sharing---the folks to whom I was introduced have the highest respect for Scott--as they should...I enjoyed conversing in French the entire weekend and ordering food for myself and the folks. Reading all the historical signs, watching the boat races from the hotel room when I'd had enough of white people (still in transition from Jonestown), listening to tv en francais/wathcing the World Cup finale, and going to Mass at "le cathedrale de Sainte Cecile" with Mom and Dad to UNDERSTAND the liturgy/the homily/the prayers/the songs...one other thing-I didn't appreciate the local food "poutin"--french fries with goat cheese curds on top with some kind of brown gravy...

I offer my apologies to anyone who thinks that my blog might have been less than respectful of my mission and my faith.
I have tried to share in a style that would be somewhat entertaining as well as reflective of how the experiences touched my inner life and self. I give thanks to God for all that nourished me and continues to challenge me to grow in faith, in life, and in mission. Victory is mine......or "le victoire est le mien"...


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