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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Writing Northwest...sigh
We've been in writing workshop all day everyday for this past week and trying to set up a classroom at the same time for a grand adventure the likes of which I have never seen...and neither has the school community...just got home and it's after 9pm. sigh Been like this for two solid weeks now. No complaining though. Here is some of what I have been learning:
There are heavy ideas in writing. There is a ton of naming in writing and a ton of attributing and predicating. There are clear and applicable models for writer-wannabees or don't wanna-bees of every situation. I love to write and was thankful I was bored the first several hours of the first day-I was back in Sr. Mary Annette's writing class and am I ever thankful for the rigor and high expectations of what I learned there. Of course, none of it is being reflected here because my brains are fried and I don't care. I also had a shock on the way out the door from work tonight-one of my partner teachers just moved close to Lk. Ballinger, and as we were leaving, she invited me out for a walk on the Interurban Trail. SHe said, "And be sure to bring your dogs--they will love it!" Ouch-that hurt---and I turned to her and said, "My dogs are dead. You knew that...she said,"Oh, I thought it was only the one. Isn't the other one still at your house"................NON! She isn't. SHe's in my Heart and across the Rainbow Bridge, having a grand new life, and occasionally checking on me and waiting by the Cedar Tree there. Ouch---and I thought I was gonna get through today without losing my Breath and my Composure...I'm heading to bed, to find whatever rest I can and lose myself in Harry Potter.


  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger teach99 said…

    Hi. You left a comment on my blog about fostering. I am terrible about updating my blog during the school year. I started teaching high school this year, and I am just getting used to it. I taught 5/6th grade in the past. Anyway, the main thing we have experienced is waiting. Lots of waiting!! After our second HS visit we waited a while for our worker to turn in the homestudy, but we were finally approved on August 8th. The way our agency handeled it was they met to review our HS and decided yes or no. Now we are again waiting for our letter saying we are approved and the phone call that they have a baby for us. I have heard of other people going through this process at a much faster rate, so I hope you are one of those people. I will try to keep you updated, and you do the same. Nice to meet you.


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