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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ordinary reality rumbles on in---My team teachers surprised me yesterday--I have a bag of sweet little t-shirt-meets round-bottomed-things-with-snaps-covering-wee-diaper-things--green and yellow with Pooh on them! YOWSA! There will be a human being in my arms, in our home, in My Life, that will be making noises and messes in those wee clothes! This is making the setting up of an interactive, clutter-free, interesting learning environment for those human beings that should be running the world and who know it a bit of a challenge. I dislike the setting up of a classroom every summer's end---I wish I could just leave things as they were...but this way makes it easier to clean. The struggle is coming home after 12 hours to a house that doesn't sound right, smell right, FEEL right--and I don't have the energy to do much about it at the moment...
These are Powerful fulfillment times---the day of the homestudy visit, I was having a cup of tea and looking out the window, trying to picture life here and also in the cabin-home of my dreams next to my dear Mary and her family. It comes very easily,so I decided to call the school three miles away from there to inquire about job possibilities. Within two minutes of leaving that message, the principal called and offered me a first grade position for THIS YEAR! So, BOOM! My motto holds for me--be careful what you ask for----there will also be a job next year if I want it, and my partner teacher assures me that this place has the mission, ambiance, community that I desire and require in a learning place. The only drawback is there is no job share in that district. A plus is it's a public school and there is much more money. I'm going to hold space and prayer around this. to wait for three weeks and see what happens with the cabin-house. I continue to put tendrils out there about a new dog. I still need one--my entire life rhythm continues to be centered around my dogs...it just is...
Last night, after work, I went to a prayer service for peace, esp. in the Middle East. I don't ever remember participating in an exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, so I went. So much of it was holy in the traditional R-C way and it was intriguing to notice the parallels and differences between the actions, prayers, chants, incense, colors, and community gestures to those of some prayer sweatlodge experiences. The historical and regional/continental influences were so stark--an example, last night the priest-presider sat in front of the community with his back to us and facilitated all the talking, prayers, singing, etc.
Energetically, It was very straight/phallic/gold-white/yin/masculine/dry in formation toward the altar and the steps UP to the exposition. In contrast, the prayer sweatlodges I've experienced are circular/womblike/dark/yang/feminine/wet-moist in formation and the sweat leader was a woman (not always but mostly) and the focal point was a sacred hole in the ground with the "stone people" (hot rocks from the sacred fire outside brought to us by the firekeeper). Both intense communal hearts of prayer...this is what I can do for Peace--which we So Need. Off to work out, walk and work.


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