Mississippi Moments

Monday, January 22, 2007

Better today.
I chopped wood. Baked bread-three loaves. One beer bread-interesting. Too sweet for my taste but my, did it make the house smell good. Carried water--actually found some dripping water and proceeded to break the faucet handle trying to fix it with a tool that I had remembered in the emergency kit. Dad will help me fix that, too. He says there might be a faucet from Surridge Central that might work. That would be cool. Did some pruning. Thought real hard about a puppy. The truth is a puppy would be a super distraction and would give meaning to my life but it would be a substitute at this moment. NOt fair to anyone. At just the right moment, Friday, the Sheltie of the neighborhood came by for hugs and barks yesterday. He kept barking at me and looking funny-like he was waiting for something from me. It was bizarre. I also learned how to score expository writing samples using new to me rubrics. Hope I did okay. I am learning how to write specific, helpful, and relevant comments on student work. takes alot of time. Good workout this morning. It's getting crowded.


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