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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thien means Loving Kindness in Vietnamese. I learned that today. Home. From school. Not sure what to do with myself at first. But I do now. And it's fun to add periods when I write where I want to. Period. Because I can. So I worked out and took a long bath and finished this drama-bio of Rachel Jackson. It was sooooo sad and full of one despair after another for her and for Andrew. So I did some checking to see if that was just the author's style-Nope. They really did experience all of that trauma, drama, separation, anxiety, and loss. Over and over again. So now it's on to Abigail Adams.
I am also in line to read the manual for the new front loader washing machine. Mostly, I've been going downstairs to look at it and just touch it once in a while. Like my first car. Sat in Mom and Dad's driveway for three weeks because I didn't know how to drive a stick. And when I learned I was afraid to get out of third so Sabrina and I drove all the way to Portland for the ceilidh in third. Took us a really long time. I figured out 4th and 5th for the drive back. SO I am going to do laundy today and hope I know how to use the thing correctly. I am also putting it out to the Universe for bookshelves-tall ones, many shelved ones so I can bring my books back upstairs. Off to read and bury compost and enjoy this snowy day!


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